Thursday, January 22, 2009

Personalized Growth Charts

Okay, I'm officially back in my groove after a wonderful 2-week break in December and a nice, slow start to 2009!  I so wish I had the time (and staff) to add lots of great stationery and personalized gift lines, but I just do not right now.  It's difficult enough to keep the 4000+ products currently on the site up-to-date!  So, I decided to add just one new line for now and I'm very excited about it!  My boys love the oopsy daisy canvases they already have in their bedrooms, so when I saw that they offered personalized growth charts I couldn't resist.  My customers are often looking for unique gift ideas in addition to all the stationery I offer, so I thought these would be a perfect addition to Pen + Parchment.  More items from oopsy daisy will be added to the site in the months to come, but feel free to contact us to inquire about placing orders for anything found on their site!

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