Monday, June 01, 2009


I really should be reconciling my accounts in QuickBooks, but instead I am procrastinating and sharing a picture of my office.  It's still in the works since we moved here 6 months ago and I'm really somewhat content with it right now.  I'm just thrilled that I have an entire room to myself instead of a corner of the guest room, a closet in the middle of the house and the dining room table.  It really was chaos in our old house!  Anyway, I LOVE my project table!  It's perfect for keeping small hands out of my space.  My sons were always finding ways to climb up onto my old desk and wreak havoc on my computer and paperwork.

I am honored to have a book of photographs by my Pulitzer Prize winning cousin, Preston Gannaway, decorate a prominent corner of my table.  My friend, Kelli Davidson, encouraged me to purchase this padding press for my etsy line of notepads and it sure does make pad-making easier!  

I've been admiring a few pendant lights to go over the project table and I still need to fill up some walls.  I'll post another photo when I complete my space!

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Anonymous said...

Love it! Wish my workspace looked as great as yours - it's SO you!!!!

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