Friday, July 30, 2010

pink and green

I just read an interesting article about fashion retailers and regional trends.  This line in particular - "Southerners bought more white, green, and pink than other regions' residents, for instance, according to data from private-sale site, which caters to young, urban professional women." - got me thinking about one of my first Minted contest entries, Preppy Monogram.  The Around the World Holiday Card Challenge was created to bring in designs that represented different regions.  Though I've never been much of a pink and green fan myself (I tend to prefer brown, black, grey and blue) I definitely notice its presence in the south.  Having lived in NC, GA and FL over the past 10+ years I've seen my share of bright, preppy polka-dotted pinks and greens!  Maybe it's time for a change to the west coast?  Minted never actually offered this card for sale in these colors.  Instead they opted for brown and blue.  Go figure!

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