Friday, June 11, 2010

holiday photo cards

My apologies (to Facebook fans, especially) for all of this Minted talk!  Holiday cards are my favorite to design and their latest contest has some major rewards!  So, even though I was on vacation for 10 days and this was the last week of school for my kindergartner, I had no choice but to find time to create and enter designs for the 2010 holiday card challenge.  These are my 7 designs.  Right now, Minted is having a first round voting phase to eliminate 75% of the 1300+ designs that were entered.  Hopefully some of mine will survive this round!  I'll let you know when official voting begins.  Wish me luck!!


LizzyB Loves said...

Hi Carrie, Thanks for following my blog. I saw the great surprise way at the bottom as i was visiting your blog {profile} this morning...sweet!
I'm loving your Holiday Day card submissions, best of luck. And your stationery, perfect!
~ Lizelly

carrie said...

Thanks, Lizelly! Your blog looks like so much fun and your holiday submissions were great! Best of luck to you as well!

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