Thursday, June 17, 2010

voting time!

I'm so excited that my designs survived the first round of voting.  The original 1300+ entries have now been whittled down to just over 400 so the task of voting is much easier!  I actually truly enjoyed going through all 411 of them this morning and giving them each a score from 1 - 5.  I would really appreciate your votes if you have time.  I promise it will be worth your while to browse through this wonderful assortment of holiday card designs!  *If the site is slow (as it is while I sit here typing this post) you may want to try again later.  The Minted team just sent out a big email about the contest so the site may be flooded with voters.  Here are the direct links to mine:

The Fine Print: Everyone who rates at least 50 entries will be entered into a drawing for a $500 credit on Minted*. Ten additional voters will be chosen at random to win a gorgeous Minted T-shirt. Take a quick break (we won't tell), and help reinvent the traditional holiday card. 

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